Fierce Collaboration “Locked Up” by Delete and E-Force

“Locked Up”

Out now via End of Line Recordings, leaked from the Alpha Omega Album

“Locked Up” is a raw and fierce hardstyle track featuring the musical stylings of two of the biggest names in Raw Hardstyle: Delete and E-Force. With these two producers coming away from the studio with previous collaborations such as “Pleasure and Pain” in 2017, “Locked Up” is equally well-done. Furthermore, have a listen to the track from the official video below.

Track Review

Definitely Dark vibes through and through, “Locked Up” is chilling and therefore intriguing. Appealing melodically, this is musically in line with the raw hardstyle leads and screeches. Especially percussive. A generous mix of kick drum variations that are fat and round, deeply distorted, and while other are layered with frequency presences deep down low and high. The screeches are coarse and they resemble that familiar E-force sound.

About the Artists


DJ and Producer from Australia, Delete is also label manager of the hardstyle label End of Line Recordings. Once upon a time, he headed the Spoontech label now run by John Söderström, he is continuing his career strong with his recent Album release titled  Alpha Omega.


After a huge album release in 2017 entitled Edge of Insanity, E-Force has sustained a great presence in the Hardstyle community. With his especially well-crafted “raw” style, he has supplied anthems for uniquely raw Hardstyle events like Q-Dance’s arena party Qapital back in 2015 entitled “Blood Written”.

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