Desert Dwellers Release “One Giant Consciousness” Remixes

These remixes add an extra layer of talent to an already amazing song!

‘One Giant Consciousness’ collects the sounds of six producers from the global electronica scene to echo the message of connection. It’s a return to the musical undergrowth first explored by Desert Dwellers and acclaimed mycologist Paul Stamets in summer 2020. Moreover, it’s in partnership with documentary film Fantastic Fungi, and drives Stamets’ celebrated work as one of the pioneers of mycology research and advocacy in the 21st century.

This is a shapeshifting journey through the deep grooves, soothing basslines, and mesmerizing atmospheres of psychedelic music. The collection ignites the doors of perception with an array of imaginative remixes from producers Hibernation, Nanosphere, Equanimous & Skysia, and Desert Trax artists Gumi and Tylepathy. Consequently, these folks evoke a sense of interconnection; an unbreakable cycle between nature, civilization, and the network of life and visionaries lining the corridors of Earth’s history.

‘One Giant Consciousness’ hits on the emotive peaks and valleys engrained in Desert Dwellers’ iconic sound. Additionally, it’s accented with re-imaginings designed for a full spectrum of sensory environments. Call it a glimpse. A glimpse behind the veil that teases more collaborative work to come from Desert Dwellers, Paul Stamets, and Desert Trax’s mushrooming roster of creators from the modern visionary realm.

Listen to all the remixes of “One Giant Consciousness” here:

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