Didi + Ping Releases New Single, “Take Flight”

We spoke with the talented Canadian who provided an exclusive interview in conjunction with his latest release

Asian Canadian electronic artist and experimental producer Didi + Ping has released his new single, “Take Flight“. It’s a marvelous and melodic masterpiece that fuses two powerful forces that have inspired him: music and his natural surroundings. Didi + Ping demonstrates his compositional prowess and atmospheric production sense with silky-toned violins and an uplifting drum beat. Furthermore, these charming characteristics create a wishful song that will elevate spirits and morale, especially in these uncertain times.

Also, “Take Flight” is the follow up single to Didi + PIng’s debut single, “Buffalo Jump,” a smooth house single that captures the essence of the wild. Via his music, he honors the mysteries of the planet, through captivating tones and weaving world rhythms. Additionally, Didi + Ping provided OneEDM with an exclusive interview to coincide with his release of “Take Flight”. Read below for a look inside the mind and thoughts of this proficient producer.

Hasan Singh: What was the inspiration behind your second single, “Take Flight”?

Didi + Ping: “Take Flight” expresses my wish to fly, simple as that! There are so many instances where I wish I could just jump into the sky, free from the shackles of gravity.

What have you learned about yourself through music production?

I’m a workaholic, especially when I’m focusing on something I’m passionate about. I’ve been learning to find time away; it can be tough balancing work/passion and other priorities. Besides that, this sonic odyssey has definitely reaffirmed my suspicions that I seem to use music as a way of processing reality and information. I’m excited to see how many feelings and ideas I can translate into music! I know many people who sometimes feel that words can’t describe how they’re feeling, so I’m hoping this helps.

The month of May is Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Personally, as an Asian American, it’s something special. What does it mean to you?

America is a mosaic of ethnicities. People from all over the world come here to seek a better life, so I think AAPI Heritage Month is a great opportunity for people to celebrate that inherent diversity. I’ve been proud of my own heritage since I was a kid. I consider myself lucky, though. Any racism I experienced growing up hasn’t affected my outlook on life. Also, believe music transcends culture and race. I’m definitely massively inspired by my Chinese heritage when creating my music. I mean, all kinds of music have cultural influences and origins, but ultimately, music is a magical thing that can’t be confined neatly into categories! The experience of music is very personal, like experiencing color, or a flavor, or trying to explain Zen Buddhism, a wordless philosophy, using words.

What can fans expect next?

I’m releasing one song each month, so people: keep your ears to the ground in June! My heart and soul is dedicated to making sure each and every song is unique and epic in its own way!

Didi + Ping – Take Flight

Didi + Ping‘s “Take Flight” is out now, and fans and interested listeners can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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