DJ 4B- “Something Just Like This” (Remix)

I don’t want to write blogs about things that I don’t like, and radio music can be hard to speak on sometimes (sorry). But DJ 4B remixed the hit song “Something Just Like This” and it features Chris Martin on a Jersey club-kind of beat and I can’t help but to eat it UP!  Sometimes the radio annoys me because the songs sound like such main stream songs, and it gets old. However, this remix takes the highlights of the original and uses it in a unique way. It’s nice to hear it amped up to a more “2020” style. Chris Martin does know how to use those vocals in the perfect pop way and DJ 4B cuts and chops ’em up perfectly.

In the more recent years, Martin has stepped out of his band to lend his vocals in other places- specifically with dance music, and he pulls me right in. This remix keeps Martin’s classic vocals but turns the song around completely. You may think the song is building up to its EDM feel chorus but at the last second, it changes so quickly. Heavy, quick kicks and some jack swing are added into the mix turning this song into multiple genres. There’s even a little bed squeak in the there just to make it reach that Jersey club bar. It’s a nice take on a newer main stream song!

Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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