Sweat it Out with DJ Assad’s Single “Sweat”


Out now via Scorpio Music

The music producing standards are high, and DJ Assad delivers professional quality in his track “Sweat”. Putting that into perspective is The Media Nanny in their press release:

Assad was one of the co-writers behind the incredible success of Willy William & J Balvin’s huge Mi Gente last year, a track that has clocked up over 2 billion YouTube plays

Safe to say, this track is another milestone on DJ Assad’s path of success. Truly a masterpiece. Have a listen and look at the official video for “Sweat”, below, from the Scorpio Music label.

Track Review

The tempo is slow and steady. Also, this really makes for a gentle ride through the mix that feels good. The reggaeton beat drops in with gusto, definitely, the more danceable parts of the track. For the DJ, this presents an opportunity to really leverage the opportunity of matching the track with the vibe of the crowd: its slow and steady parts throughout are solid for keeping the crowd engaged, and when it’s the peak of the night the reggaeton beat is energetic. Furthermore, it sounds great when the tempo increases. Try setting the playback speed of the YouTube video to 1.25x on the reggaeton drop if a proper DJ controller is not available. Sounds great uptempo, right?

The lyrics are simple and easy to understand. It is about breaking out in a nervous sweat and shrugging it off just to feel good again. The vocals are complementary to the dynamics of the track. They mesh well because singer Laurell knows just how to control her voice. Evidently, DJ Assad knows just how to place her in the mix.

Better still, it matches up with the overall feel of the track which generally is a transition from mellow to vibrant. Conveniently, that makes this track appealing to mix as it can match up with the many moods of the crowd. DJs: this is one to get that crowd reaction.

About DJ Assad

Superstar. Yes. DJ and Producer extraordinaire. He has been there, done that. The best part is he shares his gift of music straight from the heart:

Originally, I was rocked by the Mauritian sega, also by funk and soul and then Hip-Hop. It is in these musical styles that I found the influences and the desire to make people dance, to share with them.

Those words speak volumes. Look ahead for more from him soon in his upcoming interview here on OneEDM.

Photo from DJ Assad Facebook.

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