Upcoming DJ Snooko Releases New Track “Graveyard Medley”

Upcoming DJ Snooko Releases New Track “Graveyard Medley”

Upcoming artist Snooko from Miami, Florida has released his latest dubstep riddem track titled “Graveyard Medley.” 

Snooko New Release “Graveyard Medley”

With this track breaking out into the world only a few days ago as a Halloween tune, Snooko’s “Graveyard Medley” has broken barriers in the dubstep riddem genre. This track is bass-packed full of hard drops and creeping sounds to pull in his theme. Starting out slowly with ghoulish voice-overs and screams echoing off into the distance, this track starts ascending into chaotic confusion leading our minds into a trance. When a sudden manic laugh leads you to a hard-hitting drop that will make you lose yourself and lose control of your thoughts. This track will lead you into the thick transcending darkness where you just will not be able to stop headbanging, no matter how hard you may try.

Snooko, Fisherman By Day & DJ By Night

Eric Michael Jimenez, known as Snooko, has led a life that has evolved around his love of music. As his curiosity peaked for different genres, a favorite song almost every EDM fan on this earth may be acquainted with, “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” by Skrillex, brought him into the world of DJ-ing. Being an artist out of South Florida, Snooko had to start off as many Dj’s have. Playing at house parties and building a well-known reputation through the most southern points. In 2016, he was able to catch his big break with his first major gig LIC Miami. Where after he was able to book larger venues which include Club Space and Heart Nightclub.

With these bookings allowing this artist to shoot off and into view. He has been able to support DJ’s like Ookay, Trollphace, and even rappers like Lil Yatchy. As a breaking out artist and being able to be ambidextrous in sound. His sets are a real treasure to spectate. With always having a love for dubstep and riddem, this DJ is ready for whatever may come his way. A majority of his sets include original music made by himself. With the release of the track “Party”  hitting over 25,000 plays on SoundCloud, Snooko has the support of Monxx, 12th Planet, Midnight T & more. 

This is an artist always willing to put his best foot forward. Creating original tracks that will transcend the mind into an absolute daze. With Snooko being a fisherman by day and Dj by night. We expect to see much more hard hits from this artist. We at One EDM cannot wait to see him at his next venue.

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