DMB Does Dark Techno with His Single “Androctonus”

Serious vibes and steady beats drive this techno track into a dark soundscape

Within the track are an array of instrumentals composed into a tidy mix. It is most well-done by DMB in his latest release single of “Androctonus”, then too, this track is so good it also has the support of three remixes on the album from the Blue Monkey Records label. Have a listen to this techno titan’s sound from the playlist below. Furthermore, enjoy the remixes from Theodore Elektrk, Drug4U and Darmec.

The ride cymbal, the kick drum, the bassline, the vocals, the list of instrumentals and other sounds just goes on and on the whole way through the track. The effects layered upon them make for a very compelling sound. Groove-worthy beats, tech-house feel, make this track a highly versatile track for the dancefloor. Just a standout track. Techno fans will love–and they have with the remixes.

The fact that it has garnered the attention from three remixers lends itself to the tracks versatility. Each remix gently tweaks the sound for a slightly different feel for the track underlying techno structure. Theodore Elektrk’s remix keeps much of the same feel of the original mix with a tonal blip sound pulsing on beat, subtle but strong effect on the intensity of the track’s already serious tone. The Drug4U rolls out a her techno sound with a true stomper of a kickdrum. As for the Darmec remix the boost up in tempo and psytrance sounds give this track a trippy vibe and a genre-bending sound.

About DMB

This Costa-Rican artist, DMB, knows how to deliver techno. In a generous review of the artist’s release on Beatport, his aptitude for composing the percussive elements in “Androctonus” is among the compliments to this artist skill.

DMB at the decks

Favorable producing sounds mean a lot, here, the release of a great track, and a curious following from fellow remixers. What is next for this guy? DMB is flexing his techno tact, sure such strength will carry him through to more musical projects. Until then, indulge in the sound from DMB here in “Androctonus”.

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