For the Peak of the Night: DMCK Releases Single “The Galvanizer”

“The Galvanizer”

DMCK, techno DJ and producer from Glasgow, UK releases a single “The Galvanizer” via Yin Yang Records. This is just one of several techno tracks to release from this industrious producer. A proper techno banger that is the track to play at the peak of the night. Appropriately titled “The Galvanizer”, this track is especially stimulating. Have a listen to a snippet of the track on SoundCloud, or otherwise purchase exclusively from Beatport.

Track Review

Techno to the core, “The Galvanizer” is exemplary to the genre and especially indicative of DMCK’s ear for techno productions. This track is steadily held together with beats and grooves from percussive and atmospheric sounds. The high impact effects make the track sound massive.

Sound Design

Lot’s of quality sounds. The texture of those in the track adds an interest to the song. The chorus of the percussion and noise sweeps and techno stabs mesh together perfectly. The busy soundscape is rich in sound and all the more musically appealing as they play throughout”The Galvanizer”.


Steady and on beat, while an ebb and flow of energy exists in the track. The variety of percussion instruments playing the beat at any given time varies. This brings an intensity that comes with change of instruments as they occur in “The Galvanizer”.

Photo from DMCK Official Facebook.


The percussion is punchy and clear. The production quality further preserves the unique timbres across each instrument. The mixing of effects over the kickdrum allows for a massive and hard hitting blow with each strike. This also improves the listener’s sense of beat. That makes the track interesting during the listening experience.


The intensity of the track mimics that of the peak of an ideal night in the club. Cold and industrial vibes permeate the song. The atmospheric effects add to the sense of deep focus living up to the name of the track: “The Galvanizer”.

Audience Reactions

“The Galvanizer” has received wide support from the techno community, offering high ratings and words of praise. Among them, Christian Varela, Joseph Capriati, Anderson Noise, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Mark Sherry, Lisa Lashes, Eddie Halliwell, JELO, and Scot Project are offering direct support of the track.

Image from DMCK Website.


  • Rating : 9 / 10
  •  “Galvanizer (Original) is mighty as fuck !”
  • Best Mix: Original Mix
  • Support: Yes

Mark Sherry

  •  Rating : 10 / 10
  •  “Both mixes are great but the original tops it for me on this occasion..cheers!”
  • Best Mix: Original Mix
  • Support: Yes

Roby M Rage 

  • Rating : 9 / 10
  •  “Amazing, perfect for my set, thanks!”
  • Best Mix: Original Mix
  •  Support: Yes

Tawa Girl

  • Rating : 10 / 10
  • Best Mix: Original Mix
  • Support: Yes


  • Rating : 9 / 10
  •  “Solid EP”
  •  Best Mix: Original Mix
  •  Support: Yes

About DMCK

DJ and producer of techno, DMCK, a.k.a. Duncan Miller, of Glasgow, UK is an active participant in the techno community and the EDM industry at large. The local Glasgow Techno community sees DMCK as one of its best artists. Furthermore, DMCK is garnering the attention of some of the nation’s most seasoned names such as Mark EG in a recent feature on Mark EG Presents: The Blackout Audio Radio Show.

"The Galvanizer"
Image from DMCK Website.

The producing talent is evident in several and frequent releases: “The Funky Sound” (5/21/2018), “Dreams” (5/07/2018), “Epidemic” (4/02/2018), are just a few releases this spring from a roster of several releases over the past year. Summer 2018 is yet to see the release of DMCK’s forthcoming single “The Face of Chaos” which will come on 07/02/2018 via Yin Yang Records.

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