DNMO & Sub Urban – “Broken”

It’s time to give you guys something a little different here. This mid-tempo banger from DNMO features vocals from Sub Urban and its production reinvents the meaning of crisp. DNMO has mastered the side-chain with this track,”Broken“. It sounds like the bass literally jumps out of your speaker and back in like a musical yo-yo. This is a song that you will listen in a 360 effect as each little bang sounds as if it’s wrapping itself around the entire circumference of your head.


Lyrically, the song is sad- but you could feel that sadness off the cold beat alone. This track packs a lot of grime and plays in a very hypnotizing way, especially with the bass coming in and out throughout the almost 3 minute running time.  “Tell me that I’m broken”, a lyric we can all feel at some point in our life. This song brings that emotion through its vocals and music. The lyrics get right to the point and don’t rely on big fancy words. The words that are said ride on parts of the beat and work well together – like a match made in heaven.  If you needed a song for your rainy day blues, this one is a perfect fit.



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