Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta “Attention” and Remixes

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Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta “Attention”

The original mix is extraordinary. A hard techno track with industrial influences, tech style sounds, and some hard dance builds make this track a bit of a genre bender. As a result, it is highly versatile on the dance floor for performances across these genres.

Furthermore, its recruitment of sounds from many genres sets the stage for remixers to tailor it to their own musical stylings. That said, five official remixes of Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta “Attention” come together in one album from Dolma Records. Have a listen to the original mix, below, and indulge in the remixes from N.O.B.A., Argy, Champas, Drumsauw, and Freak Unique.

Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta – “Attention” (Original Mix)

Review: Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta “Attention”

These three artists come together for one massive hard techno track. That is a lot of talent packed into one track, and the results are musically complex. The instrumentals, effects, mix, and vibes please the ears in every way hard techno fans expect. It takes a few times to listen to before hearing all the sonic features–its overwhelming and therefore appropriately intense.

Several variants of dark drones underneath the drum lines. Also, there is a mean warble tone synth loop that echoes across the entire soundscape of the mix. Adding to the intensity are the lyrics which are a call to attention for an emergency evacuation. As with the builds, the lyrics bring on a surge of energy, and more specifically a sense of urgency. This really strikes some strong emotions taking this dance track’s groove a rough edge.

There is a busy mix of sounds here already, and when adding the percussion loops it takes some serious producing skills to craft these sounds into one cohesive track. With high-pass filtered drum loops, and stutter effects on the synth loop there is comes a musical balance of loudness onto the instrumentals. While this is pleasing to the ears it is especially technical to tango with these sounds. Sure enough, Dolby D, Shadym, Tximeleta know just how to make it all happen in their collaborative efforts.

“Attention” Remixes

Five remixes total. Each adding a different flavor on this massive hard techno track. They are all great, it is hard to pick one favorite. No matter which version of Dolby D & Shadym & Tximeleta “Attention” plays they are all satisfying.


The the synth loop from the original mix is re-styled into a house style synth lead. Also, it plays along in a rhythmic pattern on beat with the main section of the track.

“Attention” (N.O.B.A. REMIX)


Argy takes on a surgical approach to this technical production. Stripping apart the original mix and throwing in some of his own drum loops–the one from his subground banger “64 GB RAM”, perhaps–and injecting some tricky snare beats, too. Overall, he really hammers down these percussive elements into the original mix and saturates the soundscape with some otherworldly effects.

“Attention” (Argy REMIX)


This one has some thunderous kicks that rumble on and on creating a bed of noise underneath the mix. Effectively dark, and preserves the vibes of the original mix. Also, there is layering of a new synth loop on top of what sounds like some distorted vocals and basslines. As a result, it gets a bit trippy there and it is hardcore for the win.

“Attention” (Champas REMIX)


Acid techno remix. The acid lines bark and gargle and match the dark vibe of the original mix. Overall, this remix really changes up sound of the original. Also, the kick drum is beefed up nice and fat. Moreover, this adds some bounce to the groove from the orginal mix. Oh yeah, the Drumsauw remix of “Attention” is an absolute banger.

“Attention” (Drumsauw REMIX)

Freak Unique

Preserving much of the industrial and hard techno feel of the original, Freak Unique does add some synth loops in a downard arp that repeats over the drum loops. This one is especially groove-steady, and especially hard to find a playlist to listen to this remix. However, Beatport provides a snippet of this here.

About the Artists

Dolby D

This DJ and producer from France is 20 years in the making. He has toured the biggest festivals and clubs, hit high ranks in the charts for his productions, and is a favorite artist for the Dolma Records label. Discover more of his renowned music here.

DJ and producer, Dolby D


This guy is a devoted techno artist. Check out his sound live at his upcoming performance on August, 09, 2019 at Club Flavel in Münster, Germany for a special underground edition of Richtig DICK Techno!

DJ and producer, Shadym
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