Drake – Passionfruit (Eminence x Delaney Kai Remix) [OUT NOW]

The Vancouver-based record label Monstercat has been at the forefront of dance music for quite a while now, and they’ve likely seen a lot of change over the course of the last six years since it was born. Electronic dance music trends seem to evolve weekly, as artists and producers continue to push boundaries and discover new grooves that connect with fans, or attract new ones. Vancouver-based production duo Eminence was born a year before Monstercat, and connected with the label pretty quickly; in fact, they appear already on the second compilation that Monstercat released (September 2011). Since that track, they’ve been releasing music with Monstercat regularly, and their style has evolved as the times have since 2011. Their sound had been very much rooted in new trance, but their production aesthetic has become much more elastic. Collaborating with a variety of different types of singers has no doubt had a direct effect on their growth. This new remix is more of a cover song, and with the aid of Delaney Kai, it’s one of the most daring singles Eminence has released.

Delaney Kai has one of the more memorable voices in indie electronic music, and has been part of numerous collaborations with a slew of producers, with vastly different styles. Joining forces with Eminence here seems to be enough to adequately tackle the source material. Drake’s “Passionfruit” is a standout off his latest album, or as he described it, a playlist; More Life. Remixes are starting to come in for Passionfruit (also on Tuesday, New York DJ Junior Sanchez shared his own true house remix of the track), but the unique approach to this collaboration will be hard to beat. The song’s melody takes center stage for most of its length, and Delaney Kai is given tons of space amidst gentle pop synths before two great big room house climaxes. The dynamic range is dramatic in this mix. All together, a very memorable take on an already memorable tune; hard to do.

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Evan Dice

Evan is a lifelong musician, growing up in classical and world music, then rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, a little bit of metal, and eventually, electronic music. After growing up abroad and travelling extensively, he returned to the United States for school and now lives in New York City. Evan is an active collaborator as a violinist and a producer, and is a fan of genre-blending (within reason). He can be found at home investigating the intersection between jazz and techno with a table full of samplers and synthesizers, or out in the city, reading on the train or supporting live Arts- particularly the experimental kind. Be it dance, theater or music, great people with brilliant minds are coming up with fantastic creative things to show every day, and this is inspiring.

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