Drishti Beats Releases “Give It All” on International Yoga Day

Could this be your next meditation song?

We’ve all heard of rituals during DJ sets but this one tops them all. Drishti Beats is a live-band yoga class experience. They produce live downtempo electronic chill music for their remarkable yoga classes.

Who are the people behind this unique idea? Husband and wife Lori and Jeremy are the co-founder of Drishti Beats. They are accompanied by their daughter Ariel who provides the vocals and their son Alec, who does the beatboxing and producing. This is one talented family.

Other people behind the Drishti Beats team include saxophonist Ricardo Branco, and violinist Carol Carlson. Audiences are treated to relaxing, euphoric music whilst Lori and Jeremy guide the participants through a truly unique experience.

They have also played at major festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Mysteryland.

A song like no other

In honour of International Yoga Day, (June 21st) Drishti Beats have released “Give It All”. This is the ultimate testament to their love of yoga and music. Although many tracks like this are considered as common, it’s the way this song will be used that makes it stand out.

“Give It All” provides listeners with a summery and jazzy feel . This ties into the positive and summer-like vibes it gives off. It’s convenient as it was Summer Solstice a few day ago.

“Our goal is to enforce a positive mindset through lyrics and rap, not only to enhance the yogic practice during our Live Yoga and Music Experience but to promote forward thinking even just through listening. A great dance track perfect for a sunny day, we hope “Give It All” will provide you with delicious and amazing energy.”

Drishti Beats

The vocals to “Give It All” have meaning too. The song described the feeling of just going for things and not holding back. This creates a more positive and optimistic outlook in the listener.

You can listen to “Give It All” on Spotify or on YouTube here:

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