DVBBS Releases “Fool For Ya” From Upcoming Album

Wake up to DVBBS' "Fool For Ya"

The Canadian electronic duo DVBBS has released their third track of 2021, a single titled “Fool For Ya” from their upcoming album, SLEEP.

The duo stepped into the limelight in 2013 after collaborating with Borgeous on the single “Tsunami.” Shortly thereafter, following the title of their track, DVBBS has continued making waves in electronic dance music with crowd-pleasers such as “Gold Skies,” “IDWK,” “Not Going Home,” and more.

“Fool For Ya” brandishes a roaring bassline to the forefront, complete with mesmerizing vocals breathing life into the track. DVBBS sets the tone with a minimalist beat, grabbing listeners with energizing kick drums and punchy percussions. The track offers a sultry atmosphere with hints of oscillating synths to add an unnerving but welcoming element. “Fool For Ya” offers fans a taste of the DVBBS’ upcoming album and unyielding, ever-evolving talent.

In addition to releasing the song, the pair released a dark music video with flashes of light bringing color to the video to highlight the song’s heavy atmosphere.

“‘Fool For Ya’ is the alarm clock to our new album SLEEP. Every song off this album represents a dream… Imma Fool For Ya.”


Check out DVBBS’ “Fool For Ya” music video below or listen to the song via Spotify.

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