DVRKO Remixes Marshmello and WiWek’s Track, “Angklung Life”

DVRKO isn’t a one-trick music producer


Every new music summer playlist is about to be gifted an unexpected surprise. DJ/Producer DVRKO remixes the Marshmello and WiWek’s single, “Angklung Life” and it comes out today. He’s got another one for the world to stream and this one is bound to vibrate everyone’s speakers.

DVRKO is a name all heavy bass lovers need to be getting used to over the next few months. As his latest remix of the Marshmello and WiWek single, “Angklung Life” takes off, so will the career of DVRKO. With two original tracks released this summer, plus an assortment of other remixes, DVRKO is one to watch. This level of EDM production skill isn’t often seen in one whose career is just taking flight. That is why electronic dance music lovers can expect to hear absolutely veteran level production on “Angklung Life” DVRKO remix.

Breathing new life into “Angklung Life”

“Angklung Life” is a big boom of electronic theatrics all on its own. But as soon as DVRKO puts his spin on it, the track transforms into a millennial Decepticon themed power party. DVRKO breathes fresh air into “Angklung Life” within a world where it’s getting hard to breathe at all. Coronavirus has affected everyone on the planet. It’s taken control of the way people experience their favorite music. But what it can’t take control over is a human love for music. “Angklung Life” DVRKO remix is an amped up rendition that offers the listener an escape. Escape from the repetitive thoughts of, “What’s wrong with the world?” It brings a festival sound to a festival-less world with every drop on this summer star. And it is exactly what the world needs right now.

DVRKO might mask his face but he can not mask his unmistakable and unique style for heavy-hitting electronic dance music. Compared to his previous tracks, “This Is How” and “Lights Up,” it’s clear that he isn’t a one-trick music producer. This is a very good thing. In today’s music, you must show your versatility. Accordingly, it’s how you maintain your ability above the surface level. As a musician and artist, if you are inflexible and rigid, you won’t last. The world is changing and the sounds at the forefront of music always change. DVRKO is making it clear that his sound may be unexpected from track to track, but you can always expect your need for hit music to be delivered.

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