DYS’s new EP Release Ghost Town

DYS’s new EP Release “Ghost Town”

DYS’s new EP release “Ghost Town” is true to its name. Beginning with eerie sounds It’s sure to make any horror enthusiast feel nostalgic. DYS uses slow high pitched tones followed by deep bass in a way that makes the song itself feel “haunted.”

It’s entirely spectacular and brilliant! Using influences from the most considerable horror time, the 1950’s, really sets the mood. The 1950’s was the breakthrough for horror stories of ghost towns, so the fact that the vocals have a 1950’s feel is fantastic.

The sounds themselves are straightforward, but they are arranged in a manner that makes them so complex and unique. The entirety of “Ghost Town” will send the audience on a mental journey to an actual ghost town.

DYS obviously knows that music is meant to make people feel and bring them on a metal trip to somewhere different and “Ghost Town” is proof of that.

Who are DYS?

DYS (pronounced like the acronym) is the alias that Joel and Jeremy Putnam have since they started making music in 2009. DYS originates from Clemson, a town in South Carolina. The brother’s success is due to the fact is that their sound is so unique, using a broad range of sounds from many styles.

Jeremy, being the main face for DYS, is the mastermind behind the sound. Every time Jeremy finds a way to push out mind-blowing sounds and then manipulating the way its arranged.

Joel on the other, not being any less important, is the creative mixer and the technical force that keep the brothers up to date with the fast advancing technology.

With a duo gained popularity by doing significant remixes for Desiigner, Panda, Galantis and No Money. With their new EP release “Ghost Town” they are sure to bring new sounds to the already diverse EDM world.

Ghost Town

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