Dzeko Remixes Tyler Shaw’s “When You’re Home”

Dzeko's remix warms hearts in an energetic fashion

The platinum DJ Dzeko champions a new track to add to his repertoire, remixing Tyler Shaw’s “When You’re Home.”

Tyler Shaw’s original song plays out as a romantic tune with a minimalist utilization of organic instruments to set the song’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, Dzeko spins the tender song into a heart-thumping piece, bringing newfound energy to the track.

When I first heard “When You’re Home,” I instantly had an idea to do a remix to it. This remix will give you a completely different take on the song with a more melodic house feel to it.


A melodic and introspective opening quickly includes a set of beats with a progressive movement that explodes into a graceful rendition of the original song’s chorus. The song’s drop taps into a deeper and darker sound while also sending chills down backs with its brewing energy. Dzeko tastefully lays his artistic hand on “When You’re Home.” He includes cinematic elements to the track with otherworldly back vocals in the song’s drop. Dzeko’s remix plays well with Tyler Shaw’s vocals, highlighting the latter’s emotions in his music.

Dzeko is such an immense talent and I love his vibe so I knew he would bring the right energy to this. I knew I could trust him with remixing it.

Tyler Shaw

The Canadian producer/DJ enthralls listeners with his dreamy take on the already pensive and lovely “When You’re Home,” further eliciting the heartfelt emotions from the song.

Check out Dzeko’s remix of Tyler Shaw’s “When You’re Home” below, or choose to stream it via your favorite music platform.

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