E-Force “The Stars” Graces the Senses with Raw and Euphoric Hardstyle

Raw, and melodious with a cosmic vibe

Veteran of the Raw Hardstyle sound, E-Force graces the senses with his raw kick drums and sassy screeches. E-Force “The Stars” features his cutting edge raw hardstyle sound design and balances out the raw and fierce instrumentals with vibrant lead melodies. Furthermore, have a listen to this euphoric hardstyle track done heavy with raw, E-Force style.

E-Force “The Stars” out now via End of Line Recordings

Track review: E-Force “The Stars”

Hardstyle is all about bringing on the intensity of the harder styles of dance music. Shaping the sounds of the kick drum to deliver loud on the attack and saturating the leads to burn through the mix are all the appeal. Furthermore, these are primary to the productions of this energetic genre of electronic dance music.

The kick drums of E-Force “The Stars” are loud and large. Also, they are rich with layers of percussive elements to include a loud attack, pitched mid frequencies and distorted sub-bass. As a result of such layering, this makes for compelling kick drums. With such sound design comes producing talent. That of E-Force shows through in “The Stars” with upwards of three different kick drums each with a raw-edge and adventurous sonics.

Also, the euphoric lead melodies characteristic of a mainstream hardstyle track make for an uplifting feel to raw hardstyle. While raw hardstyle often leans toward the eerie, and dark melodies, E-Force “The Stars” shows that this genre pairs well with even the most cheerful of melodies.

Such an innovative track with raw hardstyle roots as this, it has been released on an appropriate label, End of Line Recordings. This label is representative of the most talented and active producers in the raw hardstyle scene. Get your copy of this great track here.

About E-Force

The DJ and Producer bringing on the raw hardstyle innovations from the early revolution of hardstyle in the late 2000s shows now signs of stopping. As such, he has been pioneering the raw hardstyle sound through the past decade and persevering through the years. For example, now, with a smash hit track to kick off the 2020s, E-Force “The Stars” shows he is a true talent.

DJ and producer, E-Force

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