Go Hard: eDUB and The Straikerz Release Single “Maniacs”


“Maniacs” is crossbreed track that brings raw hardstyle on drum n’ bass for some seriously rough sounds. The producing artists eDUB and The Straikerz track “Maniacs” comes right from the Maniacs EP. Listen to the harder styles in electronic dance music in the track “Maniacs” below.

Track Review

Sound Design

The feature sound design of “Maniacs” are raw hardstyle kicks and screeches on hardcore drum n’ bass style power snares. The exceptional bass-heavy kicks and the mid-frequency dependent snare come through powerful and clean. The screech has an especially vowel-like sound that some may call a “talking screech”. It is strong, and massive. Furthermore, “Maniacs” combination of sounds from multiple genres makes for a fresh take hardcore drum n’ bass.

Photo from EDUBDNB’s Facebook.


The 2-step kick and snare rhythm is especially powerful and characteristic of hardcore drum n’ bass. The kick is a classic raw hardstyle, barking kick. The snare is metallic, tight and powerful. These instruments make for a tough drum n’ bass sound, consequently, making “Maniacs” a dance floor ready track with groove.


There are tough industrial sounds and raw hardstyle sounds that just make for a dark and tough vibe felt throughout “Maniacs”. The 2-step rhythm is feisty and quick, which inspires a general feel-good mood.  The hardcore uptempo rhythm at 160 BPM is so fast and energetic that listeners will get a jolt of energy from the track.


Professional mix quality that shows expertise in making the loudest and noisiest sounds of industrial hardcore, drum n’ bass, and raw hardstyle come in clean. Furthermore, the mix quality is among the best to be heard. Listeners will enjoy the hard hitting nature of the sounds. They are much like the quality that is audible from among the best producers in hardcore EDM, such as Regain.

Audience Reaction

Mixed reviews are among the reactions from listeners. Those reporting their reactions from the YouTube video of “Maniacs” include some that just did not get a feel-good vibe from the track, while others enjoy it so much as to say it is “awesome”. The track is definitely well supported as it is posted by the releasing record label The Third Movement.


A seemingly mysterious name, eDUB, is not unknown yet he has little background information to share on social media at the moment. This makes his name all the more interesting. Evidence of eDUB’s legacy comes in the form of a roster of releases from several labels: Deadly Pasta Ubercore LP via Mindocracy Recordings; and the Drop the Bomb EP via Motormouth Recordz. Keep an ear out for more from eDUB. He is hard at work bringing new music to the scene, the most noteworthy of them, coming next weekend at Ibiza Goes Hard 2018.

Photo from EDUBDNB Facebook.

The Straikerz

This electronic music duo from Barcelona, Spain specializes in the raw hardstyle production and have successfully done so since 2015. These confident minds have put their creative energy into a contest entry for the raw hardstyle and hardcore EDM event Dominator 2018 amidst the release of their Maniac EP. They are demonstrating their professional participation and promise as DJs and producers. Earlier this year they released the single “Destroy My Enemy” via Activa Records. These guys are coming in strong in 2018 and are exhibiting some of the hardest sounds to be heard in today’s EDM.

Photo from The Straikers Facebook.

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