eDUB “STFU” Brings Intense Hardcore Sounds

Big dirty bass drums and intense uptempo beats that will blow the dust off your sound system

All new hardcore music from the european DJ and producing talents of eDUB, comes his latest track “STFU”. Also, this track and others of the hardcore style were released on the FOOTWORXX Summer Contamination Unit 7 compilation album. Boy, it is some heavy music. Furthermore, it is just lovely.

Track review: eDUB “STFU”

eDUB “STFU” is an electronic music production that gets to the hardcore sound without delay. Starting off strong with a build-up, the ensuing drop is over the top loud with instrumentals. These include distorted kick drums, a stabbing chord melody, and explosive snare hits between the percussion loops.

Moreover, eDUB “STFU” is a great example of crossbreed sounds. Ultimately, they bring in many fresh sounds into one dominating mix of noize frenzied hardcore music.

The vocals, which are snippet of some mean, and rude shouting about telling one not to speak, are appropriately mean. Additionally, the lyrics mix well with the tough vibes in the track. Noteworthy, this approach to the hardcore style is exemplary of eDUB–mostly dark, hard, in-your-face stuff.

This track is among several great releases by this relatively new hardcore artist. Over the past few years, eDUB has been releasing craveable sounds on the biggest hardcore labels around the scene. Last summer’s collaboration “Maniacs” with The Straikerz brought down raw hardstyle screeches on hardcore drum n’ bass. This track made possible via The Third Movement label.

About eDUB

Recruiting all of the hard dance noize into a unique crossbreed sound that fits right into the hardcore scene, eDUB is strong in the studio and busy touring as well. Among his summer tour destinations is Ibiza Goes Hard 2019 this September.

DJ and producer, eDUB
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