EDX – “All I Know” Review

EDX takes a fuse of a future house sound and a deep house sound to produce the dimmed-out, chord heavy single “All I Know”. This is the song that plays at the popular rooftop Sunday afternoon party (you know, where all the K’d up lip injected chicks mingle). Or, at the start of where things get interesting at the same popular rooftop Sunday afternoon party.

Switzerland’s own DJ/Producer Maurizio Colella, a.k.a. EDX, has been sweeping the globe with performance after performance and making some big-name friends along the way. Collecting an impressive roster of artist collaborations (Deadmau5, Kaskade, Benny Benassi) presents an artist such as EDX the beginnings of a bright career. This Spinnin’ Deep beach show number will help you get that cocktail down as you bop to the beat. You get a bit of an old school vibe at the launch of the track that keeps your attention. But the question of when does the big moving part come? Arises. What you do get are a steady bounce thud and vocal ad-lib that gets your head and neck movin’. What more do you really need in future house? Well, more DJ’s like EDX to keep the consistency of our biggest passion: dance music.

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