Eelke Kleijn Releases “Woodstock” Off Upcoming Album

Eelke Kleijn’s 2018 album Moments of Clarity was a striking album. Lush and euphoric, it hits all the right notes. So it is more than exciting to have a track from Eelke Kleijn titled “Woodstock”. The track is coming out from his upcoming album, Oscillations, later this year..

Woodstock is quintessential Eelke Kleijn, with an awesome bassline and angelic strings. Eelke drew inspiration from afterhours parties at his favorite venue by the titular name “Woodstock” in the Netherlands. There, he felt the energy of the crowd was the most magical, with the backdrop of the beautiful beach and sunset to get everyone in the right headspace. Woodstock captures that energy perfectly in Woodstock.

Over the next few week, Eelke Kleijn will release a series of remixes to compliment this release from acts like Gerd Jansen, Hernan Cattaneo, Mano Le Tough, and more. Also, be on the lookout for the album Oscillations coming out on September 25, 2020 as well!

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