Eli & Fur Announce Debut Album, “Found in the Wild”

Almost a decade into their career, the ladies are set to release their first album

British duo Eli & Fur have announced their long-awaited studio debut album, “Found In The Wild“. Fans have every reason to be excited, and the record will drop this summer on June 25th via Anjunadeep. Moreover, it’s a dual part album concept with a sonic presentation of contrasting parts unique to Eli & Fur’s sound with the two sides of their signature style ready for the world to hear.

Quality listening

The first half of the album, “Found,” is a collection of song-based productions which show Eli & Fur’s strengths. The ladies’ proficiency as songwriters, vocalists, and producers come to the fore here, and make for quality listening. Additionally, the track, “Wild Skies,” taken from the “Found” collection, is a sensual and otherworldly ensemble that glues the duo’s trademark textured sound palette together perfectly.

Wild Skies came together so organically and naturally. We felt like we were expressing ourselves without even really realizing how and the melodies just fell out of us. A lot of the time, we write lyrics before the song; however, with this one, there was no preparation whatsoever. We just sat down at the computer with the microphone and sung, and that was that!”

Eli & Fur on “Wild Skies”

Shifting gears

The second half of the LP, “In the Wild,” is a change in gear conceptually and ventures into the more upbeat, clubbier side of the project. As such, these tracks explore the girls’ penchant for emotive productions geared for the dancefloor. They find the sweet spot between the dark and the emotive, marrying evocative vocals written around their own experiences as young musicians with their unique brand of euphoric club cuts, and provide dynamic duality to the album. Consequently, “Found In The Wild” is a musically-assured record. It artfully articulates their style and sound in an enthralling manner, and will be out June 25th on Anjunadeep. Fans and listeners can pre-order “Found in the Wildhere.

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