Elizabeth Nistico Releases “Earthquake” As ‘Revenge Wife’

"Earthquake" is the debut single of indie-pop artist Elizabeth Nistico's new art project, 'Revenge Wife'.

Elizabeth Nistico, co-founder and lead singer of indie darling duo HOLYCHILD, unveils her new solo art project‘Revenge Wife’. As Revenge Wife, she released her debut single “Earthquake” from her Background Songs for Your Boring Life, Part I EP. “Earthquake” kicks off Revenge Wife’s new sad girl bedroom-pop four-track EP and it features pulsating, lo-fi vintage synths.

Revenge Wife’s “Earthquake” will shake every dance floor

First, Revenge Wife’s “Earthquake” combines minimalist indie-pop production with catchy melodies, a clever 90s’ video game-inspired sample, and raw lyrics that focus on relationships and trying to trust love. Inspired by dreams, mystical experiences, and a lot of self-reflection, the songs provide a vehicle for Nistico to open up about the trauma that shaped her life. The EP will be accompanied by a series of horror-themed videos directed by Nistico herself. These videos will then culminate in a surreal nightmarish short film.

Elizabeth Nistico describes the background behind the track

Elizabeth Nistico, a.k.a Revenge Wife, produced “Earthquake” in Los Angeles. “I actually came up with the chorus melody when I was by myself, walking around Highland Park,” Elizabeth recalls. “Earthquake” is an earnest song about unrequited love… which is a nice way of saying ‘rejection.’ It’s about loving someone who doesn’t love you back.” “If there was an earthquake, would you think about me?” she questions her heartbreaker in the chorus. “You’re the only one I want/but you won’t have me/ How is that I can never make you happy/ Every little word I said I always meant it./ Wish you loved me…”

More details about the new project

Furthermore, Background Songs for Your Boring Life, Part I is part of a larger album and art project that tells a single story. Unlike her days in HOLYCHILD, Nistico gets more involved in the production process, leading to a more authentic sound as Revenge Wife. Additionally, it allows her to have a more empowering experience as an artist as well. “It’s been uplifting to listen to my music, knowing that this is how I want my voice to sound. I just wanted this song to feel really honest. It’s almost like cringe-honest when I listen to it. It feels like a page in my diary.”

Music video is coming soon

“David Bowie had this quote about making art and how if you are an artist and you want to keep evolving you have to go out into the water where you can’t touch the ground anymore, you have to feel uncomfortable,” recounts Elizabeth. With Revenge Wife, Nistico steps out of her comfort and into a captivating new persona. In fact, that persona allows her to explore trauma through music, video, and art like never before. Tune in next week, as Revenge Wife unveils the music video for “Earthquake”. The music video is part of a greater visual story. 

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