Ellen O releases second album “You/Sonata” ft. single “Every Day” with Smoke DZA

Ellen O releases “You/Sonata”

Ellen O is a producer-singer from Brooklyn, New York who has carved out a 20k+ monthly Spotify listenership. She released her first album “Sparrows and Doves” back in 2014. Her new project, “You/Sonata” is a melodic EDM album featuring a few different styles and good features including rapper Smoke DZA from Jet Life Recordings. The album was released on BabyGrande Records. You can listen to the single, “Every Day” here.

Album Review

The song [Every Day] is easy to move to, and simplistic. There’s a nice slow bassline with a distinct snare that follows the bass through the whole song. They incorporate a few other drum samples in what turns into a fun “stoney” song when Smoke DZA brings his classic, relaxed flow to the track. The song asks the questions about relationships and getting into a serious bond with somebody. Ellen O and DZA’s verses complement each other in both style and substance in the song, and it really fits with the flow of the album. The whole album is influenced by hip-hop. She uses interesting synth chords, sometimes making the songs quite dark. She also enjoys strings and percussion samples, which you can hear throughout.

“You/Sonata,” has a very specific style and it really embraces the melodic, downtempo style from the first track all the way through the album. “The Wedding Plot,” has several lyrical sections but they never overwhelm the catchy, flowing beat underneath. Ellen O finds her place within each of the tracks on the album. When she brings on features such as the aforementioned “Every Day,” as well as the minimalist lyrics within “The Right Solution,” featuring SHRAF, she finds a way to allow her lyrics work very well with what her features bring to the tracks.

Ellen O
Ellen O Releases “You/Sonata”

It is easy to see how Ellen O put her soul into this project. The lyrics show emotion all through the songs, maybe showing the most of herself in the title track, “You/Sonata”. She incorporates a much darker sound here, but still manages to match the style to the rest of the album. “Dark+ Stormy” is another example of diversity within the album. A duet with Khallee that is very catchy and easy to move around in your seat to.

She had this to say about the album:

” You/Sonata is a collection of songs that are projections of personal and abstract moods and emotions related to identity, love, melancholy and loneliness. The album is an asymmetrical and fluid landscape of moods which are difficult to pinpoint and articulate. ” – Ellen O

Listen to the whole album and see the rest of her tracks below on Spotify:

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