Emancipator Releases “Baralku” Music Video


Classically trained violist turned downtempo producer Doug Appling announces a monumental tour date as well as a stunning video premiere. Better known as Emancipator, the DJ is already in the midst of a nationwide 25-date tour.

However, that will not stop him from making a few huge announcements. On top of his current tour, Appling will make a return to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in May 2018. The producer has also released a beautiful and spiritual music video to accompany “Baralku,” the title track from his #1 iTunes electronic-album.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

After co-headlining the iconic venue with Opiou last year, Doug Appling will take center stage on May 26. This date will be the highlight of his 2018 tour, which kicked off at the end of January, as well as his multiple festival dates this upcoming Summer.

The show will include Appling himself along with his five-piece band, the Emancipator Ensemble. Joining them at Red Rocks will also be Manic Focus, Wax Tailor, Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution, and Tor. Doug Appling has high expectations for the upcoming show:

Last year’s show has filled us with so much inspiration, and we are ready to build on that for this year.

Tickets are available here.

Visual Representation of ‘Baralku’

Appling released the 14-track LP ‘Baralku’ on November 17 through Loci Records. The album is inspired by the astral island some aboriginal societies believe to be our spiritual home after death. It synthesizes a mix of genres into a transcendent hybrid of lush, nuanced, and ethereal compositions.

Combining his classical training with jazz, folk, and downtempo hip-hop beats, Appling perfectly balances structured music. The DJ has also premiered a dreamy video that captures the spiritual feeling behind the eponymous “Baralku” track. The video features gorgeous landscape shots as well as trance-vibes that smoothly bring the afterlife-theme to life.

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