Enei “Widowed” is a Hard Hitting Track

This track brings some seriously tough vibes

Drum n Bass simply says it all–it is the sounds of the genre. Here, in the Enei “Widowed” single the romping bass lines and percussive drum lines expected. Better yet, they capture listeners with a clean mix quality and tough vibes. This track is really one for devoted bass heads, too, as it is also available on the Divided Mode EP with several other bass driven tracks by Enei–so, there is more where this one came from. It is an all around musical masterpiece. Out now on the Critical Music record label.

Track Review: Enei “Widowed”


Pumped kick drums thump hard all the way through the track’s bass heavy mix. The snare hits are especially punchy and tight. The two-step rhythm is especially compelling given the sound design. Absolutely gratifying to hear those drums hit so hard.

Furthermore, these drum loops have some variations. The soloed version of the kick and snare gets the beat across to the listener while hi-hats and rides are added to the top of the drum loop for a nice accent to the beat.

Enei "Widowed"
The drum n bass single “Widowed” by Enei is out now via Critical Music


Bass swells with a metallic quality give this track an industrial feel. Shortly after this quiets down a bass instrument pulses in a staccato manner. It is audible as a low, plucked sound. This sound is significant. It bridges between a bass line and drum line-skewing the line between the two types of instruments for a new innovative one that is uniquely Enei’s own.


This track has much praise from listeners. Earning the number one position in the Beatport rankings for drum n bass and much appreciation from fans as well. Among the remarks from fans are that Enei “Widowed” is “amazing”. Some even admitted to getting “goosebumps” from the track.

About Enei

This DJ and producer from Russia has been in the EDM scene for over a decade. Known for his talent for producing top notch drum n bass, Enei even earned a special award for Best Newcomer: Producer Drum & Bass Arena 2011.

Enei performs at the LOCO Sound Club August 01, 2019

2019 proves to be another good year. “Widowed” is a great drum n bass track. Catch his upcoming performance on Thursday, August 1, 2019 at the Loco Sound Club in Villach, Austria for a great drum n bass event.

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