ENTT: Brand New Release “Mumbai” is Out Now

ENTT are a three-piece alternative dance band from London who formed back in 2017. Made up of three members who collectively have over 10 years worth of experience in the music industry, they have an extremely extensive skill range of guitar, piano, vocals and production.

ENTT’s style is best described as a combination of alternative and electronic. With influences ranging from modern electronic artists to alternative two, three- and four-piece London based bands, the UK collective love to experiment within their genre. Researching and working ideas previously thought to be untouchable and unworkable.

Their latest single titled “Mumbai” is a synth-pop song with evident 1980’s influences. Mary Marie’s beautiful vocals fill the track with brilliantly written lyrics. Also, the catchy background beats compliment her voice. Kaan Kara and Elliot have been producing music together for the last six years and their creative bond shows through “Mumbai”. The blend of genres in this track creates a cool new vibe that is fun and energetic. Furthermore, it has a gritty chorus thrown in for good measure.

ENTT’s “Mumbai” also comes with six remixes by some seriously talented producers. These include Greenlight, HerbertSkillz, Kaan Kara, Replxy and US. Each remix offers a fresh take on the already brilliant production that is ‘Mumbai’.

ENTT are incredibly creative. Their passion for music has transpired into a business. They are the founders of ENTT Records. As such, they scout and nurture up and coming talent, not only that but ENTT also run their own recording studio business known as ENTT Studios.

“Mumbai” is out now on ENTT Records. Purchase here.


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