Ernest Kalinin ‘Mara’ Out on Brook Gee Records

House music all the way

Russian DJ and producer, Ernest Kalinin takes us on a thrilling journey with Mara. It is an intense, yet, intimate album released on Australian label, Brook Gee Records.

Album review

This five track album can only be described as an eclectic selection of productions. Also, they vary from acid inspired, party-starting Deep House and Tech House style tracks to others whose atmospheric beats pair perfectly with a Mediterranean sunset. Furthermore, have a listen to the music of Ernest Kalinin Mara, below.

Ernest Kalinin ‘Mara’


  • “Mara”
  • “Crazy Of Tomorrow”
  • “Wanna Feel You”
  • “High Balanced”
  • “Sublimation”

About Ernest Kalinin

Ernest Kalinin’s music career as a DJ and producer began not so long ago. However, he has already become a favorite among many clubs, record labels and music festivals worldwide. Furthermore, he plays and composes various genres of music. These range from techno, minimal, tech, house, underground disco and acid styles.

DJ and producer, Ernest Kalinin

Ernest Kalinin is currently living in Bangkok to develop his creativity and artistry. Specifically, to refine his unique sound that is heard all throughout his album Mara. Moreover, exciting times are ahead for this rising star. Also, be on the lookout for more top quality music from Ernest Kalinin via Brook Gee Records in the future. For now, grab your copy of ‘Mara’ from Beatport.

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