ESH and Chris Burke Team Up for “Extraordinary”, a Deep/Tropical House Collab

‘Extraordinary’ Collab

ESH is a producer from Austria who has made a name for himself by producing in several different styles, and remixing tracks from big-name artists. From his deep-house vibes to tropical sounds, the DJ as a diverse range of talents within the EDM landscape. Coming off their success from a few months ago with Higher, ESH and Chris Burke team-up for the second time to create Extraordinary.

With strong instrumentals and catchy vocals that are easy to groove to, the track is a fun and warm-feeling song. Perfect as we begin to tackle the cold weather. The deep-house and tropical vibes hit you right away in this winter release.

Chris Burke comes onto the instrumental sample-heavy beat and delivers. He manages to never overwhelm the production. It is never clear if the lyrics or the production is the focal point. The piano and drums flow perfectly with the electronic beats while the lyrics make way for the horns after the first chorus. The artist then adds another layer that allows everything to mesh together.

ESH delivers an electric guitar sample which also creates more depth before winding-down, allowing Burke to take-over. In the final minute of the song, ESH combines all of the layers he made throughout the track to finish it on a high and explosive note.

ESH and Burke Release New Track

A Perfect Combo

ESH and Burke’s first track together, Higher, is more high-paced, but the two tracks do have similarities. It is a testament to their growth as artists. They could make two songs with different sounds and feels, but still stay within the deep/tropical house genre. ESH became well-known for his remix of Maroon 5’s This Summer is Going to Hurt in 2015. The DJ has continued his momentum into a very busy and successful 2017. Closing out with a track like Extraordinary is a great cap-off and strong way to enter the new year.


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