Listen to Eskuche’s classy Desert Hearts Debut ‘Robot Love’

Desert Hearts Records brings us another unparalleled EP from New York-based tech house producer Eskuche. His new three-track gem titled Robot Love is full of signature grooves blending with futuristic funky elements that show personality and make these tracks stand out.

Eskuche’s songs are strongly influenced by modern trending European tech house, in the vein of renowned producer Jamie Jones, or others whose crisp beats line the main stage at underground festivals or Ibiza beachside clubs. The song titled “Deez Nuts” is just as catchy as the eye-catching title. For example, with the repetitive nature of the bass line exists alongside all the digital techno sounds in the breaks creating a punchy tone. The quirky “booty” sample wraps it all up into a nice treat for your ears. “Robot Love,” on the other hand, conjures apocalyptic imagery with tense builds and machinistic sampling.

These tracks truly are the perfect example of ear candy, no rhyme or reason, just flat out a good time and something you can get down to on the dancefloor. Furthermore, Eskuche is someone who will grab the attention and hearts of any dancer and DJ at the club.

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