Evalution Delivers New “Railhouse Rock” EP

"Railhouse Rock" is Tampa-based Evalution's second EP in 2020

Evalution is a must-hear DJ who has been rocking the Florida EDM scene for the past several years. Born as Evan Cazes in Tampa, Evalution began performing at some of Tallahassee’s top nightclubs during his first couple years as a Florida State student. As his career progressed, Evalution concurrently enhanced his craft to produce a unique musical style. That musical style can be found in his newest four-track EP called Railhouse Rock, which came out on July 10th via Power House. Railhouse Rock has “Bass N’ Blues”, “Make It Loud”, “Funk It Up” and “Feel Alright”. This EP has the right sounds that can turn a boring summer to a marvelous one, just like past summers.

Railhouse Rock is ready to rock everyone’s summers

Railhouse Rock is a great EP to cheer everyone’s moods, especially since COVID-19 still exists everywhere. “Bass N’ Blues” perfectly merges the best of blues-influenced Southern rock with the euphoric rhythms of modern-day bass music. “Make It Loud” provides vibrant vocals that resonate alongside upbeat glitches and percussive harmony. “Funk It Up” has a funky vocal that pairs up with awesome guitar riffs and bass-filled loops. “Feel Alright” nicely incorporates a diverse mix of synths, drops, and baselines.

Evalution, Florida’s next top EDM star

Railhouse Rock is Evalution’s second EP in 2020. His first EP of 2020, XXVII, came out in April and it contains remixes of popular tracks originally performed by The Doors, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. Evalution just graduated a couple months ago from Florida State University but unfortunately, the school did not have a graduation ceremony due to nationwide COVID-19 restrictions. Railhouse Rock is now available for download and stream on various streaming platforms. Additionally, check out One EDM’s first interview with the Tampa native from April and the second interview from July 10th.

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