NOMAD: Exclusive Mix by Bass House Producer

Nomad has just recently released a fantastic track called "Let Go" ft. Shlizk.

In July, OneEDM had the pleasure to feature an exclusive interview with bass house producer NOMAD. In this interview, he shared his musical style, production techniques, preferences for collaborations and much more. Now it’s time to take a listen to the exclusive Instagram Live mix he so majestically made for his fans of OneEDM.

Rolling into the frame on a bad-ass off-road four wheeler, NOMAD dominates the decks and commands your attention. He is a man and an artist that isn’t afraid to be himself. To march to the own beat of his drum and to not apologize for being real. That is something many people could take as a lesson for their own lives. The lesson in being you no matter what others are doing. As an artist you owe it to yourself to be true to your craft. He is doing exactly that. He is his first fan and that is what everyone must be for themselves, a believer in themselves. When you believe in yourself you surprise yourself with what you thought you couldn’t achieve.

Recorded in a parking garage out of Charleston, South Carolina, witness how this fearless producer rips the DJ hardware to pieces with his fire like beats, smooth transitions, and heart stopping drops. Underground may be his origins but the electronic dance mountain top is and will be his final destination. Get ready to head bop and maximize your speakers output to this supremely satisfying set. Featuring music by BYOR, Nicky Night Time, BROHUG, and many more!

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