Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About It” Featuring Neon Hitch

Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About It”

Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it” featuring Neon Hitch, newest release through U.S independent label Lowly Palace. Since 2010, Fabian has been expanding out of the Danish dance scene to the international scene by signing tracks to trap nation’s Lowly Palace, which has been bringing quality content from a number of different upcoming artists from all over.

Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it”

Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it” starts with Neon Hitch’s high and beautiful ear-catching vocals, with distant pads and percussion. The bass then drops, with more of Neon’s vocals just to cut it harder. This track feels like going out to battle with a short, but effective buildup that grabs you to a crazy and hitting trap drop.

Neon Hitch
Photo Provided by Neon Hitch Facebook

The vocals of Neon Hitch are stretched and chopped to slot perfectly in place with the hard-hitting brass stabs, wonky trap synths, and crisp drums. As the track goes on, it adds more exciting and different trap synth work to keep your ears pleased and making you want to hear more like this, whatever war they’re fighting.

It’s strong and heavy, but just what the audience would expect from someone who is joining the likes of NGHTMRE, Troyboi, and Party Thieves at ADM (Amsterdam Dance Event) on Saturday, October 21st. Not able to make it to ADM? Don’t worry – Fabian Mazur spends his free time producing a Vlog Series featuring all his music. With weekly videos, you are able to get a glimpse into his daily life as a DJ and full-time music producer.


Fabian Mazur is gaining support from artists like Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and Afrojack after his recently released singles that have been pulling in streams from all over the world, including “Right Now” with over 7.2 million plays, and “Sun Goes Down” with 2 million plays. Fabian’s fans are eager to hear what he has coming up next.

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