Fady & Mina Release New Single “Celia”

With some time from their last release, Fady & Mina┬árelease new single “Celia” after returning to the music market today. Many may remember hearing the track as played by Aly & Fila during a highly anticipated set at Tomorrowland. Keeping true to their sound, Fady & Mina develop a sensational uplifting track for fans of the genre. As it is releasing through Future Sound of Egypt, it comes as no surprise to how much support “Celia” warrants.

In comparison to their last release, “Akemi“, “Celia” takes a more direct approach to uplifting. Where as the intro of “Akemi” could be seen as more dark and hard-hitting, “Celia” remains pure and up-beat throughout. The track’s breakdown is as atmospheric as one would expect from Fady & Mina. With a resonant melody backed by a winding high hat sound, Fady & Mina deliver. The name “Celia” comes from the Latin Caelius, which means “of the heavens”. Adding on to the angelic aspect, the vocal has an atmospheric tone that resembles an echo through to the heavens.

“Celia” joins the rest of the Egyptian label’s discography, and manages to fit in well. “Celia” is a simple, yet sincere, club track whose saintly sound can soothe the heart of anyone listening to it. If the crowds of Tomorrowland are of any indication, Fady & Mina have struck at something good with this production. After years of producing high quality uplifting tracks, Fady & Mina are show no signs of exhaustion for producing quality trance beats and melodies.

You can purchase “Celia” here. Fady & Mina have a number of high profile performances in the next couple of months. Trance fans of the US can look forward to their inclusion in LA’s Dreamstate festival in November. Occurring even sooner, they are billed to perform in September at the official pre-party to the FSOE 500 celebration in Cairo, Egypt. You can find an extensive list of information regarding the Egyptian duo in the links provided below.




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