Fedde Le Grand teams up with Adam Mckinnis for “Wonder Years”

Fedde Le Grand has made music in so many different styles over the years, and his innovation has not shown any signs of slowing down. His new track, “Wonder Years”, featuring singer Adam Mckinnis shows his range yet again crossing over into the pop scene. This release comes from his Dark Light Recordings and is available now.

By bringing in Adam Mcinnis, Fedde teamed himself with an industry veteran who has experience writing and singing across several genres like EDM, pop, and country. The music video (posted below) details beautiful scenery in Norway, and then, like the journey to a festival, you arrive on stage with Fedde for some beautiful visuals of the Palmesus Festival. Fedde le Grand has visited the festival 6 consecutive years now, so the video brings added importance to the track.

Watch the video below:


The song itself is an adventure that is sure to bring people to their feet and keep heads bobbing on the dance floor. It starts off with a strong guitar riff that leads into Adam Mckinnis’ well-written lyrics. After the first drop, you begin to move away from strings into a strong horn section. Once the second drop hits, and you move into an upbeat, bouncy final verse with beautiful singing.

‘”Wonder Years’ is a special record to me, it reminds me to appreciate the small things in life, I think the vocals of Adam McInnis are absolutely stunning on this too, they work perfectly and really complete the track,” said Fedde about “Wonder Years.”

With his annual Amsterdam Dance Event upcoming, Fedde is going to be bringing some new tunes, and new style to his performance. He is sure to keep the people in his home country dancing and popping with all of his new music being released, as well as his vast library of hit tunes.

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