Felix Jaehn releases video for new single “Like a Riddle”

Felix Jaehn has been producing mellow, fun, tropical beats for a few years now, really gaining notoriety with tracks like “Aint Nobody” and “Eagle Eyes”, which both received a lot of radio love. With his new debut studio album coming soon, the singles are slowly being released. Following the release of his latest single last week, “Like a Riddle” – a fun music video featuring a man trying to figure out exactly what his significant other wants. A problem many people, men, and women, have dealt with. He teamed up with Swedish singers Hearts & Colors as well as French producer Adam Trigger to bring this song to the album.

You can check out the video below:

Felix lays down a drum-heavy, tropical-house inspired beat for the single, which is one of 25 songs coming out on his new album, “I”, which is expected in 2018. The video takes place in a diner where as I noted above, and the guy and his girl are in the diner not seeing eye to eye. As the Jeahn beat begins to pick up pace leading up to a strong horn section, you see the couple break into a well choreographed, dance, that as it progresses, shows what the song’s lyrics depict, that love is like a riddle, and you never seem to have a great grasp on what somebody else is thinking.

photo credit: World Club Dome Korea

The song goes into a darker, more somber section, before building back up for one final horn section, and the couple in the video’s actions reflect the mood of the song. Coming off a “fight,” in the kitchen of the diner, it seems like they reflect on their actions and come back together before the end. The pacing of the song really reflects their actions and it feels to really fit with the song. The moving lyrics – “I don’t get it, I don’t get it, What you want,” before the final upbeat section, which others can relate to real life. Love can be quite hard, but with good music, everything can get better.

To see Felix drop this song in a set, check out his upcoming tour dates:

14 October – Eclipse – Paris, France
23 October – AMG Night – Austin, TX
25 October – Flash – Washington DC, USA
28 October – HRoof – Cancun, Mexico
25 November – Obertauern Beats – Salzburg, Austria
30 November – Electroshock – Paris, France
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