Drum Roll, Please: First Gift and Dead Stare Release Single “SMGM”


House music with a blend of weird sounds and moombahton rhythms. “SMGM” is the culmination of the music-producing talents of First Gift and Dead Stare via the OSTIL record label. These new sounds are what listeners want to hear. Listen to “SMGM” below.

Track Review

Sound Design

The sound design in “SMGM” is a creative demonstration of unconventional noises against metallic percussion instruments. Metallic noises, thumping bass with effects, builds and quirky scraping noises that slide up and down in pitch.

As the track progresses, the tempo slows down into a moombahton breakbeat wherein a metallic fluttering noise sweeps. The track climaxes twice. At the second drop, the scraping noise comes back into the mix of percussion instruments from the intro.

First Gift

Production Mix

The mix is very clean. Each instrument is distinctly unique in texture, and therefore it takes precision and patience to make such sounds loud and clear of unwanted noise. The task of mixing these sounds such that all the textures remain audible is the challenge. Both are achieved in “SMGM” as it sounds great.

The percussion instruments’ variety of textures remain audible in the mix. All in all, the low rumble underneath the thumping kick, the doop-doop sound of the tom-toms, and the resounding cow-bell all preserve their textures throughout the track.

The unconventional noise-like instruments are especially audible in the mix. Even more so because of the timber movement. The quirky scraping noise is made audible with its rapid rises and falls in pitch. The metallic fluttering noise is audible as it sweeps in and out moving from low to high volume. Although it may seem overstated, these are the characteristics that are the most noticeable features in the track.


The moombahton rhythm is busy. Made up from the chorus of a kick drum, tom-toms, cow-bells, and other novel percussion instruments. This can become redundant; however, the musical effort of slowing the tempo and increasing it in succession makes for a welcome break that is appropriately bombastic in “SMGM”.


The vibes in “SMGM” are zany and fun. The unconventional noises make it zany, while the moombahton beats make for the fun. Among the moombahton-style tracks, this one is a fresh interpretation of the style. As such, it inspires a sense of amazement that comes from hearing new music.

Audience Reaction

Audiences love the track as many exclaim that it is amazing. Among the most spirited comments celebrating this track as amazingly ‚Äúsick!” After all, the track is a success.

First Gift

The electro-producer from Sweden is known to bring funky sounds to the mix. Releases such as “Duru” via the Durp Supera label are exemplary. His tracks often play on the radio show editions of The Funky Cat. First Gift also runs his own record label called Need Salt.

Dead Stare

This electro-duo is of Hungarian and Mexican origin. They bring bass music to the Durp Supera label, home to experimental electronic music.

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First Gift

Dead Stare

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