Fisher Finally Drops House Banger “You Little Beauty”

Paul Fisher also known as Fisher, is an Australian house DJ and producer that has taken the world by storm. Today marks the official release of what seems to be the most teased track among house DJs. If you have gone to one of his shows in the past and heard “you got me burning” and left in awe, well here we are.

Fisher has released banger after banger after leaving his ex alias of Cut Snake in 2017. Cut Snake was a collaborative alias with fellow Australian
Leigh Sedley, where he began his career.

Previous hit tracks include “Losin It”, “Crowd Control” and “Ya Kidding”. The DJ and producer is known for giving his fans sneak peeks of his upcoming tracks in his live performances. This track has been getting playtime from seemingly every DJ in the industry for the past two years.

According to an interview conducted by Beats 1, ” You Little Beauty” was the first track recorded under the alias name. The track boasts a vocal sample that caused the delay of the release as copyright issue stood in the way. Check out the full interview below.

Furthermore, as with any Fisher track, “You Little Beauty” is destined to be played on every dance floor known to man. So turn those speakers up and be prepared to have “you got me burning” stuck in your head for the next few weeks.

Track Review

The Australian DJ and Producer has established his signature sound after first taking over the scene under the alias in 2017. As with his other hits, the baseline steals the show in this one. The low ends pack quite the punch in this track and has proven to tear up the dance floor. Paired with the oh so heavy baseline, a vocal sampled from Loleatta Hollway a late Disco Singer. These two pieces of the track truly qualify the track as a hit. When paired with high hats and a killer kick the track was taken to the next level.

While it may not stray away from the typical sound produced by Fisher, this one is destined to be one of his biggest. The vocal sample alone is enough to get a crowd moving. Combining all of the elements on the track leads to a grooving production and proof of why he is one of the best in the industry right now.

Check out this massive release below.

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