Floormagnet Drop a Dark and Infectious EP Called ‘She’

Floormagnet started their musical journey to get where they are today over 30 years ago, sparked by a fascination for the genre that started influenced by the pioneers of electronic music back in the early years of electronic music. With years’ worth of experience and knowledge shared throughout the group, you can always rely on Floormagnet to deliver something powerful and exciting, and they prove this with their brand-new EP release ‘She’. 

Floormagnet prefer to keep themselves in the shadows and let their music speak, their debut EP tells a story. The inspiration from this EP draws from a devastated world, dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic event that devastates humanity. This EP takes you on a journey, from the ashes to re-building the world into an unknown society, into a new sub-atomic state. This EP explores Floormagnets’ unique signature sound elements, tracks to grooves hard with attitude, and wrap the listener into nights they want never to end. 

‘She’ incorporates Layers of groovy basslines and strings, atmospheric dreamy tuneful tones, and details, with percussions and driven hi-hats. Each element of the track fluently communicates with one another, which is what makes the track special. Suggestive and hypnotic piano melodies and beautiful strings tie your senses together, and act as a reminiscent piece from early electronic synth music but at a faster pace. 

Next up is ‘AndTheEnd’, which is inspired by themes surrounding the impact of humankind’s abuse of the nature, but in the end, nature’s forces will survive humankind. ‘AndTheEnd’ serves as a post-apocalyptic hit with a dark and intense baseline, progressive house with a pulsating bass arpeggio, monotony and pounding beats, suggestive pads, and string melodic strings. 

They may be newcomers as an act, but they are veterans on the production side of things, with a close connection to all things dance music for the last 30 years. Floormagnet founded their own label FM recordings (Floormagnet Recordings) to cover all aspects of their career, and to gain perspective and control of their creative process from producing, songwriting, and marketing. Check them out now and listen to their latest hit! 

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