Flume – “Hyperreal”

Flume honestly never fails to wow me. His remixes feature a diverse range of artists but he always puts his signature experimental electronica spin on things. Since the release of his second album, Skin, Flume has released Skin Companion EP 1 and Skin Companion EP 2. The Skin Companion EP 2 was released in February, but on May 5th Flume released Skin Companion EP 2 on vinyl with an extra track, Hyperreal. The extra track was released on every digital platform too and it is masterfully done.

While Flume’s sound has always been experimental and different with the way he mixes sounds and makes everything flow, this track definitely stands out from most of his other work with how different it is. The tracks vocals are understated and eerie and it makes the track very intense. The song starts out light and airy with some vibrating beats and the soft vocals of Kučka. The track features some futuristic synth work with his signature fluttery synths throughout. Towards the middle of the song, the softer synths slow down and the song gets deeper and the sounds have a distinct futuristic feeling. The track slows down again at the end fading out with Kučka’s murmured vocals.

This song has some seriously futuristic, edgy vibes and it makes you want to hear more like it because it is something you don’t hear often. It is pretty different from a lot of the other works he has created and I like the direction he took with it. In his Soundcloud bio Flume says “This is it. That’s a wrap on all the music from Skin”. It’s safe to say that I’m beyond stoked to see what he’s planning next.

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