Flux Pavilion And GLNNA Will Make You Cry This Summer With New Single “Somebody Else”

“Sitting here trying to crack the code to your heart,
Been trying to unfold who you are from the start.
I’m giving everything,
Even though you’re still a mystery.
You know it’s hard on me,
Not knowing if I’m enough to be what you need.”

“Somebody Else” – Introduction, vocals by GLNNA

Wow, that that first verse sure is a heartbreaker. To all of the hopeless romantics and Illenium-lovers out there, get ready to cry when you hear “Somebody Else” by Flux Pavilion x GLNNA. It turns everything one my have ever felt during those relationships that were not always reciprocal. Here is to the exes who could not say “I love you, back”.

This track is exactly what we want to listen to cruising along the coast, dancing in the kitchen, or hugging a gallon of ice cream–with loved ones or flying solo, there will be no avoiding this catchy tune summer 2019.

“Somebody Else” begins with some light instrumentals that are reminiscent of an orchestral introduction. And then we’re swept away with GLNNA’s hypnotic vocals in the verse mentioned above. And then the tempo picks up a bit to carry through the repeating chorus, and finally, we reach our first drop about a third of the way into the song.

This pattern repeats in reverse to slowly bring to a stop the emotional rollercoaster these artists just took us on. It is melodic, it is also future bass, and outright beautiful. Do not sleep on this track and also hop on board with Flux Pavilion and GLNNA.

Flux Pavilion Art Photo

Flux Pavilion

Also known as Joshua Steele, Flux Pavilion should first-off be commended for his ability to successfully produce hits from all over the electornic spectrum.

You know his old bangers: “I Can’t Stop” and collaboration with Childish Gambino on “Do Or Die.” You know his single “Emotional” makes you get just that. And he has touched on everything in between; his second-most recent release “Room to Fall” in which he collaborated with Marshmello and Elohim is a nice mixture of vibey and trappy.

Catch him on tour this summer. Next festival appearance at Tomorrowland on July 21, and many shows following.

GLNNA Profile Pic


GLNNA has been making her way through the game for years and is ready to push forward to the next level. She had previously done collaborations with CID and Zephure, and now with Flux Pavilion topping off the mix she’s in good shape.

“Somebody Else” is now this upcoming singer/songwriter’s most streamed song with nearly 400,000 listens on Spotify since July 5. This is followed by her single “Take The Picture” which she released last year.

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