Frank Ocean – “Solo” [Louis Futon Flip]

Get ready for an impressive, brand new beat from Louis Futon! Frank Ocean’s music is smooth on its own; but when Louis Futon adds his skills and remastering talents, you are left with a brand new, even smoother electronic beat that can’t be overlooked. This may very well be a new life anthem.

Photo Credit: Louis Futon

Louis Futon brings smooth remastering with an immensely powerful feel. “There’s a bull and a matador dueling in the sky.” This is a track that is sure to entice creativity in each and every listener. Soulful, spiritual, powerful. Louis Futon published a YouTube video titled “Watch Me Flip Frank Ocean’s ‘Solo’”, which you can catch further on in this article.




The Process

Louis Futon says that a suggestion to “flip” Frank Ocean’s “Solo” stuck out to him for his second Beat Challenge. The beat challenge is essentially one to challenge artists to remaster a previous track. Louis Futon excelled at his remaster of “Solo.” In his YouTube video to “Watch [him] flip” the track, he introduces nine steps to his process of this remake. After showing the sample of the original track, step one is to “find the sweet spot.” The sweet spot he found becomes the base of this amazing track. Step two, he writes to “make it sound old;” hence the up-tempo vocals. Step nine he lists as “Have Fun With It.” This will be the closer of the track and by far the best thing about creating a new one.

Louis Futon, who hails from Philadelphia, PA, says “genres don’t define me.” This is important. He seems to gain music from hip-hop, soul, classical, and electronic dance. Electronic music is a genre based on different concentrations of music; which here brings the “Solo” remake. This new artist has a great deal of talent and has much to offer the electronic music community.

Thoughts from fans?

“Dope! D:” – Subliminals Music

“…this is fantastic!” – Delvonte Smith

“Yeeeessssssss ❤❤❤❤❤” – GVTSBY


Louis Futon:

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