Friendzone and Nikademis Collab for “I Don’t Wanna Know”

No stranger to each other's work, Friendzone and Nikademis emerge with a riveting single

The duo Friendzone, comprised of Jesse Woods and Hayden Warzek, taps Nikademis for a collaboration on the high-energy single “I Don’t Wanna Know” featuring the vocal talent of Candace Sosa. After Nikademis remixed Friendzone’s 2019 single “Lost In Your Love,” the producers stir their talents together again for a brazen formula of non-stop sonic euphoria.

Released on Space Yacht as Friendzone’s first song of 2021, “I Don’t Wanna Know” first premiered on Liquid Todd’s SiriusXM betaBPM show. Since its premiere, fans have waited patiently for its release.

“I Don’t Wanna Know” pumps out a melodic chorus of synths with pop sensibilities alongside thunderous beats from Friendzone’s end. Meanwhile, Nikademis’ gritty drops and dirty bass slice through the stratified, vigorous sound Friendzone brings to the table. Candace Sosa tops off the experience with her leading vocals brightly coloring the song’s image.

Friendzone also offered their comments on the collaboration, diving into the song’s meaning.

IDWK is about the lasting effects of a freshly ended relationship, or a budding relationship you’re building toward. You feel invisible and helpless in your own head; and though you’re not with that person, you can’t help but think about where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re doing. IDWK is a song about your heart and your brain being out of alignment, and leaving your emotions caught in the middle.


Undoubtedly, “I Don’t Wanna Know” is a festival-ready track and heads a powerful sound driven by a much-anticipated collaboration between Friendzone and Nikademis.

Stream “I Don’t Wanna Know” by Friendzone and Nikademis below or choose your preferred music platform via Space Yacht.

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