Argy and DMCK Release Album “The Funky Sound”

“The Funky Sound”

Familiar techno sounds get funky with this techno banger by Argy and DMCK. Another funky interpretation of techno comes from DJ/Producer T78 in his remix of the “The Funky Sound”. The combination album is out now on Autektone Records. Purchase of “The Funky Sound” is available online exclusively from Beatport. Hear “The Funky Sound” below.

Album Review

Argy & DMCK-“The Funky Sound” [ORIGINAL MIX]

Funky vibes, trippy sound effects, complicated rhythms, and a massive stomping kick. The track demonstrates a spacious soundscape wherein the listener can sense a growing sound environment from the intro and its transition to the first build up. The contrast between these two sections of the track makes the listening experience an escape into the atmosphere.

Argy & DMCK-“The Funky Sound” [T78 REMIX]

Echoic stabs of vocals in the intro create an other-worldly soundscape. The percussive elements of the ra-ta-tat-tat of the snare, come in with a fat, round kick drum with a ring and buzz quality that really brings out the funky sound. T78 carefully builds the groove in a manner that is unique to his productions. Old school rave sounds give this track a 90s Techno sound, and the styling of new age music combine for an overall  fresh sound.

Album Highlights

Both mixes of “The Funky Sound” are Techno tracks with new age sounds. Among the most distinct elements of the tracks’ sound are the high quality mix: the percussive elements are audible even within the busiest drumming  choruses in the tracks. The levels of loudness are well balanced and serve to aid the listeners sense of rhythm and especially in layering of poly-rhythms–popular among DJs mixing multiple beats across two or more tracks.

Audience Reaction

The artists’ rather quiet yet appreciative audience showed their love through “Likes” on Facebook on the album’s official release date, May 21, 2018. It seems as if the track appeals to a smaller audience, but the tracks are well fit for a wider Techno audience.

"The Funky Sound"
Photo by Eric Niebergall

About the Artists


Argy is a legend of the underground from the United Kingdom. The talented DJ/Producer is known for his deck mixing skills. The mash-up after mash-up approach to mixing comes from the influences of  90s hip-hop and rap mix tapes. As a result, the musical talent at the decks is phenomenal. Listeners can hear this Argy-style mixing in the recording of his livesets: “Argy – Live @ Creamfields 2015”:

Argy is as technical in the studio as he is at the decks. Early productions of his massive tech sound are absolutely viscous. Argy’s classic tech track “Fridge Magnet” is an especially banging track that will continue to rock the dance  floor with its timeless sound and ruthless energy. With an ear for the alternative sounds, his creativity in the studio also extends to the interpretations of  the Subground sounds–a hard dance style founded by DJ Activator within Amsterdam’s club underground scene in 2010. Also, the Subground style banger collaboration by Argy vs. Omegahurtz, “Rumble”, is exemplary of the alternative sounds characteristic among Argy’s productions.


A lesser known DJ/Producer, DMCK, shows he is much more than words can capture here. Hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, he is a DJ whose versatility behind the decks has him recognizable as a talent who brings multiple genres into the mix. To elaborate, Beatport explains his DJ talent:

As a House/Techno DJ, DMCK has carved out his unique sounds and trademark style with his sets…Having exceptional skills to read the crowd DMCK can adapt, from Balearic vibes, to House, Deep House & Tech House to more cutting edge and heavy hitting Techno sounds

Without a doubt, DMCK has an aptitude for studio productions. Among the few here, “The Funky Sound” demands an appreciation for the harder styles in dance music as well as an ear for meshing sounds from among artists which is done masterfully in the collaboration with Argy.

"The Funky Sound"
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From Italy comes techno DJ/Producer, T78 who is also more popularly known by the alias, DJ Activator. A veteran of style, with album compilations so-named, DJ Activator tailors his versatility in producing everything from electronic music to techno style productions. “The Funky Sound [T78 REMIX]” is one of several releases of techno inspired tracks he releases under his own techno label: Autektone Records. T78 has performed at  events such as Murdock-A Night of Madness 2018  and Reload Space Mission 2018.

"The Funky Sound"
Graphics fromGraphic from, Edited by Eric Niebergall

About Autektone

Autektone Records brings the techno sounds from the underground with clean productions, elegant beats, dance floor ready with tracks that inspire groove. Italian DJ, T78 is the founder of Autektone Records. The label has an extensive catalog of tracks suit to the genre of techno. Experience the Autektone Records label from the shared T78 facebook page, and SoundCloud.

"The Funky Sound"
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