Funtcase – 4 Barz Of Fury ft. Merky Ace (Barely Alive Remix)

The masked enforcer of wonky bass music, Funtcase, has developed a long resume of dubstep hits. Among these is his recent release, 4 Barz of Fury featuring Merky Ace. Although this track delivers the usual Funtcase filth, Barely Alive has decided to give it an extra layer of festival ready intensity. With high expectations building from five back to back Beatport number ones, alongside epic remixes for artists like Zomboy and SkisM, they continue their spree and deliver a remix worthy of recognition.

Opening with attitude, a drum loop that foreshadows intensity by feeling restrained is presented. A mean, big brass sound rips in and out creating a feeling of impending doom. Merky Ace introduces Funtcase and himself exclaiming they are in fact a problem. His voice is pitched down as he presents the final warning of what is to come “Tune get pull up after Four bars of the drop, that’s fury”. Finally the song hits you with a fierce array of big bass, percussion, and a rap arranged in a grime like style.


Not being what was expected due to the intro, this serves to take the song from potential energy towards entropy. Deep bass  growls are worked in as the build takes over. When the first drop hits it is obvious this is one for the headbangers and bassheads. As if the track wasn’t already satisfying, the second drop rips into a massive gritty synth, adding an extra layer of dirt on this tune. This is the kind of drop one expects the DJ to play twice because it leaves the crowd in disbelief. It is easy to conclude that Barely Alive lives up to their reputation on this remix.

Photo by Oh Dag Yo Photo for Bassrush

No one is doubting the quality Funtcase delivers in the original release of “4 Barz of Fury” but the Barely Alive remix serves as the perfect example that two different ideas on the same subject can both be correct. The Funtcase version feels gritty and underground, fitting the setting of an off the radar club or warehouse rave. The Barely Alive version delivers an explosive punch proper for any festival or large scale bass concert. In the end, no matter which version is selected by the DJ for your night, it is easy to say that those who like bass are going to have a good time.

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