G Jones shares “Understanding the Possibility” from upcoming debut album

Bass music fanatic G Jones has shared the first single from his forthcoming debut album, something very near and dear to him. The track, “Understanding the Possibility” pushes the boundaries in every direction, including song structure, sound design, and an emotional tangibility that one can only describe as an effort of masterpiece. Be prepared to feel the goosebumps rise across your skin. Scroll below to listen now or to purchase/stream on all platforms, click here!

As one SoundCloud commenter said,

“And finally the day you have been waiting for arrives. A world of possibility opens up before your very eyes as he [G Jones] grabs your skull and hurls you through a fractal vortex into unknown territory heralding a new dawn.”

Yes, indeed. The song structure is complex, yet simplistically beautiful. It is playful, yet powerful. Right when listeners might expect a typical mid-song transition, G Jones takes the track in an entirely different direction. He fully embraces the spirit of this song, embodying the name of the track’s title, and harnessing the power within.

For a guy whose collaborated with the likes of Bassnectar as well as masterminds like Aphex Twin playing his songs in their own sets, it is a given that fans will be ready and waiting for the earth to give way as they plummet into the controlled chaos that is sure to come on G Jones’ debut album.

G Jones announced his debut album on May 3, 2018, via social media.

You know the intro to the old black-and-white TV show The Outer Limits? All that about controlling the vertical and horizontal, focus and volume? Or entering The Twiglight Zone, opening a door with the key of imagination to a new dimension of sound and sight, shadow and substance?

That’s what listening to G Jones will do. It’s a mental minefield of sudden drops and stutters, bass lines that open holes under your feet and send you shooting sideways to some warped mystery land. -Billboard

Perhaps G Jones was inspired by Ram Das’ famous book ‘Be Here Now‘ when naming this song. Check out what Das had to say about “Understanding the Possibility” in this segment of his book, pictured below.

‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Das.

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