Gabriel & Dresden Are Back With Album ‘The Only Road’

Gabriel & Dresden Return

Eleven years after the release of the eponymous debut album ‘Gabriel & Dresden’, Josh & Dave have returned with their much anticipated follow up full-length release, ‘The Only Road’. “Much anticipated” is a phrase people throw around a lot in the music industry. In the case of ‘The Only Road,’ we happen to know this as fact. It truly is a record the fans have been clamoring for.

In November 2016, the duo was at a crossroads in their careers. Gabriel & Dresden decided to set up a Kickstarter Campaign for their fans to help them green-light a new album. Originally asking for $30,000 to meet their goal, Gabriel & Dresden ended up with nearly three times the pledge amount (over $73,000) from 700 backers. Pledge rewards were also unique in nature. Backers could produce an album track with Gabriel & Dresden, gain ownership of Dave Dresden’s personal CD collection spanning from 1980 – 2005, or a four-hour house party at the location of the backers’ choice. A much-anticipated album indeed.

“What makes The Only Road special is that it was fan supported and fan inspired. We didn’t just make this record for us. We made it for all of the people that had faith in our music. For us, it isn’t just an album. It’s our soundtrack of the past 11 years. The beautiful, the ugly, the melancholy, and the hopeful. It’s something we’re proud to share because it represents who we are and the long road we traveled to get here, or should we say…the only road.”

Artist History

A shared passion for music brought Gabriel & Dresden together after a chance meeting on a Miami rooftop during the Winter Music Conference. As a duo, the two fit like a creative yin and yang. They quickly rose to the top of the Electronic Music genre and won the coveted Best American DJ prize twice by the Independent Dance Music Awards (IDMAs).

Conjuring an artful amalgam of Trance, Techno, and House music that transformed the landscape of 21st century EDM; Josh Gabriel, with his formal training in music composition from California Institute for the Arts as well as the Netherland’s Institute of Sonology; and Dave Dresden, with an esteemed club-DJ career that included work as a Billboard club reporter, music director for an online radio station, and curator for the legendary Pete Tong’s Essential Collection. The duo struck a genuine synergy that captivated listeners.

Their smash hit in spin-off project “Motorcycle”, ‘As the Rush Comes In’, topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart in the US and landed in the UK’s Top 20. The duo’s compilation “Bloom” also turned heads globally. Their self-titled artist album that featured Tracking Treasure Down with vocalist Molly Bancroft screamed into the #1 slot onto Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Everybody from Britney Spears and Madonna to Evanescence sought them out for official remixes. FX and the likes of Rockstar Games licensed their music to enhance their visual narratives.


After a three year hiatus that officially ended in 2011, the two embarked on an exhaustive reunion tour, playing high-profile global festivals like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and club dates around the world. Then, it was onto the studio where the two are following their most innate impulses. Despite the rise of EDM in pop culture, the two are sticking to their guns.

Gabriel & Dresden explain their approach to music:

It is always about being timeless. We don’t pay much attention to trends, we choose sounds and words that will mean something to a lot of people and at the same time, will make them put their hands in the air. We want everyone to share that with us.

In 2014, their collective goal has not changed. The duo is set to release a string of singles including their upcoming track ‘Close to Folding’ featuring Swan Ryan. With an expansive soundscape, rapturous vocals, and dreamy beat, it preserves the hallmarks of their patented sound, while emanating a fresh fire.

The duo continues:

It’s all about making exciting music. We understand the power of great music. I think the best is yet to come.

The Only Road

Adding to the excitement that a new Gabriel & Dresden album is on the horizon is the news that ‘The Only Road’ will be released on Above & Beyond’s own Anjunabeats imprint. Having been inspired by Gabriel & Dresden’s work throughout their career, Above & Beyond added their own twist to the first single from the album “This Love Kills Me” feat. Sub Teal, which also shot right to the top of the Beatport Trance Chart in October.

Gabriel & Dresden:

Melody and emotion are making a comeback, this re-awakening inspired us after 11 years to make a new album. We wanted to make something that celebrated our past while at the same time giving us a chance to look to the future.


‘The Only Road’ will release on December 15, 2017. To pre-order click here.

The Only Road Tracklist:

  1. Only Road feat. Sub Teal
  2. Free Your Mind
  3. White Walls feat. Sub Teal
  4. This Love Kills Me feat. Sub Teal
  5. Underwater feat. Jan Burton
  6. Hospital Piano
  7. You feat. Jan Burton
  8. Sequoia
  9. Over Oceans feat. Josh Gabriel
  10. Waiting For Winter feat. Jan Burton

Stream “Waiting For Winter / White Walls” here

Stream “You” feat. Jan Burton here

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