Gallago Debuts “Lost Signal” on Anjunadeep 09

Standout Track From Anjunadeep 09 Compilation:

“Lost Signal” is a brilliantly produced track. Gallago’s incredible musicality and songwriting abilities are clearly displayed throughout, along with his own vocals. “Lost Signal” is a slow-burning tune that revolves around a hypnotic piano melody. Eventually, coalescing into a glorious groove around the 5-minute mark of the extended mix. Despite just a few releases, the producer has proven to be one of the most talented deep house artists around.

Listen to “Lost Signal” here.

credit: gallago facebook
Who is Gallago?

Hailing from Johannesburg, the South African-born Bristol-based producer is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He is also one of Anjunadeep’s most promising young artists at the moment. Having released the track “Lifeboat” earlier this year, Gallago is starting to gain a notable reputation. Teaming up with Anjunadeep to throw down two standout tracks (“Lost Signal” and “Sun”) on the recent compilation, Anjunadeep 09, he is making headway quick. There is no stopping him now with Anjunadeep on his side.

Gallago played in several bands in his younger years, using music as a form of escape from reality. He moved to the UK to study sound design and realized he wanted to be a music producer. Now, he resides in Bristol to continue his career. Not only is he a music producer but a vocalist, as well. Listeners can hear his vocals on the track “Lost Signal,” which are absolutely divine. Gallago learned many sounds and techniques that have influenced his music today.  We’re more than excited to hear what’s in store in the future!

Stay tuned for more releases in 2018.

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