Gareth Emery [Notaker Remix-Saving Light] Monstercat

Notaker has given “Saving Light” a dark remix fitting for its heavy subject matter, originally Gareth’s personal tribute to the issue of bullying.

Earlier this year, Gareth Emery, Standerwick, and Hailene released the emotionally riveting “Saving Light.”  It is the first trance track to reach Number 1 on Beatport’s Overall Chart in five years.
In the remix, a driving bassline paired with futuristic melodies are evidence of Notaker’s style. The addition of darker elements to the track cast Haliene’s vocals in a halo of light. It’s as if the singer is inching closer to the precipice. As it turns out, the track also hit close to him with Notaker himself.
I am very honored to get to remix this one for Gareth. Hearing the anti-bullying message associated with the record really struck a chord with me being that I was bullied a lot through middle school and high school,” he says of the remix, “That experience really made it easy for me to put a lot of emotion and feeling behind this record.”
Both “Saving Light” original and remix release on Canadian independent label Monstercat. This label has also seen releases from Wolfgang Gartner, NERVO, and Seven Lions.

Notaker, the breakthrough American producer has received much praise for his style.

With style showing through in the slow burn of the bassline on “Born in the Flames.” As well as the mystical and ethereal-sounding “Shimmer.” Finally, the crashing waves and inhale of breath sampled on “Abyss.” Notaker’s unique music has found homes on multiple labels. Labels include Armada Captivating, Monstercat, and Mau5trap. Setting the stage for an impressive resume.

With this track record, the young American producer is steadily evolving as a producer. He certainly has a unique style. Notaker draws inspiration from artists such as Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5, and Eric Prydz. He specializes in creating an atmosphere around his productions. As such, he is immersing the listener in the story of his sound. The result is a unique experience that brings emotion forward and speaks to the soul.

Notaker is one of the Top 25 Artists to Watch in 2017 by Dancing Astronaut.

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