GATTÜSO, Asketa & Natan Chaim Release “Bring That Back”

GATTÜSO and Asketa & Natan Chaim bring their sound back for this latest single.

GATTÜSO and duo Asketa & Natan Chaim emerge with their latest single, “Bring That Back”. This vibrant track also features the vocal prowess of Nadia Gattas.

The track highlights a sultry sound as Nadia Gattas describes the passion of beginning a new relationship. “Bring That Back” immediately grips listeners with its striking introduction and intoxicating house sound. Additionally, the song’s drop features a staccato bass. That bass allows listeners to get their blood pumping as the festival-ready song demands an audience on the dancefloor. Furthermore, GATTÜSO and Asketa & Natan Chaim bring organic elements to “Bring That Back” as an alluring saxophone adds a new dimension to the track.

“Some records take time to grow on you – but from the very first second that I heard the demo for ‘Bring It Back’ I was hooked. It was an amazing experience to work on this record with artists and teams spread across four countries, despite the challenging times. Working with Asketa, Natan, and Nadia was really a bright moment in my year.  We all got on Zoom just the other week to brainstorm about creativity on the record, and I could feel so much positivity and enthusiasm from everyone involved – even though it was virtual and we are all far apart. I love what we’ve all created together, and I hope that it brings good energy to everyone listening around the world”.

GATTÜSO behind “Bring That Back”

Check out the song below or stream it via Ultra Records.

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